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Creator II
Creator II

SingleObjectActiveIndex value greater than 9?


I am not able to get values for SingleObjectActiveIndex above 9; I store index values in an array and call them in a loop to print to excel.

When I use a value above 10 the excel macro fails. How can I find the index values for a container that has more than 10 tables stored in it?



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

How does your code look like?

- Marcus

Creator II
Creator II

Just found out its not the code.

I reordered the tables in the container after I placed them in the container.

So the index position is fixed even though the tables are in a different order.

So I need to find the SingleObjectActiveIndex ID for the table.

My code is simple, I just found out by printing a smaller table that index position stayed at 2 even though I moved the table to the first position in the table.

aryExport(0,0) = "CH217"
aryExport(0,1) = "Data Sheet Reg"
aryExport(0,2) = "A1"
aryExport(0,3) = "data"
aryExport(0,4) = "CT34"
aryExport(0,5) = 2

aryExport(1,0) = "CH229"
aryExport(1,1) = "Data Sheet Reg"
aryExport(1,2) = "A2"
aryExport(1,3) = "data"
aryExport(1,4) = "CT34"
aryExport(1,5) = 3

aryExport(2,0) = "CH230"
aryExport(2,1) = "Data Sheet Reg"
aryExport(2,2) = "A2"
aryExport(2,3) = "data"
aryExport(2,4) = "CT34"
aryExport(2,5) = 4

aryExport(3,0) = "CH231"
aryExport(3,1) = "Data Sheet Reg"
aryExport(3,2) = "A2"
aryExport(3,3) = "data"
aryExport(3,4) = "CT34"
aryExport(3,5) = 5

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I think there are ways to identify the object-id to the index-number but it will be probably easier just to run the code and then to adjust the values from the array or just to create a new container and then adding your objects in your preferred order (I think the index is related to adding an object there).

Whereby this isn't really related to your origin question else it will be a matter how the array is called within the loop.

- Marcus