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server side exp how to expl

Hi flok,

if have server side exp mean wat?, wat we explain server side

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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


As i know,

1. Installation and Configuration.

2. Host and Maintain the qlikview application.

3. Trigger creation (If reload schedule).

4. Assign Document and Named CALs to Users.

Muthukumar Pandiyan

you mean server side working experience?

if you have server side exp means you need to expose like below

  • QMC explanation
  • Access point Explanation
  • How you will create a Root Folder?
  • Triggering of jobs/scheduling jobs for regular reload
  • Access availability to users (How many Named Cal's,Document Cals,Session Cals,User Cals) are there how you assigned?
  • what are the problems you faced as a Admin and how you resolve the issues?
  • Governance Dashboard Usage.
  • How you resolve the issue,if the users were unable to access the reports in access point?
  • How many reports are there in your project
  • How many environments you had managed(I mean single server,Cluster Environment...etc)
  • if you have Dev,QA and Prd   server how you managed developers and Users?
  • If any Migration from older version to New version how you did it?

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