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Creator III
Creator III

Slow behaviour of QVW files

Hi Cmmunity,

I am stuck in a problem with one okf my QVW file sized 1.12GB.

the QVW behaves very slow response when selecting multiple months, and when it goes to years selection it become not responding on server and on QLikView Access Point it lost connection to the server or session time out.

Details of RAM and CPU is attached.

we are already using best practices and developed facts and dimension tables.

from one of Community blogs we also developed transfomation and Presentation layers as well but not succeded.

Kindly suggest some ideas how to overcome this issue.


Noman khan


6 Replies

1) Must have Millions of records, Try to convert to qvd and then load. Meantime, Create whatever fields required from UI

2) Can you please share the screen of Start Task Manager --> Performance Tab

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Specialist II
Specialist II


Check sheet properties>Objects>Find which object consuming more Memory usage

Hope it helps!!

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Please provide some more informations like the number of records from the fact-table and if compression is enabled and post a screenshot from the tableviewer, from the object which needs the most time to calculate and which expressions are in use there.

- Marcus


Moreover to this is pre-load option is enabled if not please enable the same and check the performance.



It would also be useful to show the tables view and some stats about the tables and keys. Some things to look for:

  • very large link tables - link tables with high cardinality can affect performance adversely. Merging fact tables may help.
  • long string / high cardinality keys (especially concatenated composite keys) - these increase the memory requirements and can impact on performance. Autonumber() may help here.
  • Date fields that are string values rather than dates, which means that date display and sorting requires continual calculation. Convert string date fields to numeric date values wherever possible.

For tuning and performance improvements, try options and test, test, test. YMMV

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Download document analyzer. DO a analysis of your application


It will help you in the the recommendation you have received so far.