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Some objects on dashboards not appearing for some users and appearing for others


I am having an anomaly in one of my dashboards. When a user logs on to the server, they can not see some portions on a table or some objects. Other users can who are part of the same group. I am using NT authentication on the server for access where the users are in a group to which the document is being distributed to. 

  • I have cleared their browser cache and I have restarted the browser
  • I have made sure that the user in question is in the relevant group for access in which I am in.
  • There is no section access on the document so data and objects should not reduce anything when the user logs in.
  • I have reloaded the task on the QMC.

I still do not understand why this would happen when all of the above things have been done.

Anyone can help then that would be great.


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just to confirm there is no binary load through which section access is inherited

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No. No Binary Load. The applications have been loaded without binary load, section access or any loop and reduce.