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Specific Access to Document


I have a Qlikview Document which has three Sheet Tabs (SELECTION PAGE, CHARTS, MONTHLY ANALYSIS).  We have deployed the Qlikview Document over to the Management Console (QMEC) and setup the document so it can only be accessed via the following peoples NT USERNAME:




We want the following users to have certain access to the Sheet Tabs

ditcjz - We want this user to have access to all three tabs above.

bloggs - We want this user to have access to SELECTION PAGE and CHARTS tab only.

smithj - We want this user to have access to MONTHLY ANALYSIS tab only.

THE NT USERNAME comes from Active Directory which we have linked into QMEC, is there a way the when a user logs in (such as bloggs) they are only able to see the two Sheet tabs, whereas if ditcjz logs they can see all three tabs etc.


Jon Ditchfield

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See here or here or here for examples.

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