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Contributor III
Contributor III

Stacked Chart bar - Exibe 100% na coluna, mas preciso que o tamanho seja do valor total


I create the graphic below:



This chart shows sales by year, separated by type of sale.

As a visualization, it is correct. This is how I want to see it, as it shows whether there has been growth between the years.

However, I want to view the total% by type of sale, each year. If I change to% annual, the graph will look like this:



It shows the correct%, but equaled the size of the columns.

Is it possible to show the correct%, according to the year, but without changing the size of the columns?





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Former Employee
Former Employee

Best I can offer on this one is to check the Help link below to see if that might shed some light upon things:

If you find this is not what you need, and you want to see different functionality, the only other place I could point you would be the Ideas area of Community to see if someone has already posted something on this and if not, you could add it yourself.

Sorry I do not have something better, if you can attach an example QVW with some data etc., that might help with further responses from others that may have better info than do I too.  


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