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Static X-Axis Dimension for a line chart

I have a line chart with 5 expressions each measuring  a count of a data set via set analysis.  My x-axis is a snapshot date "Jan-2022" for example. I save historical month end snapshot dates so at the end of each month i have the data from that day saved. I also have the data refreshed daily so for example on March 1st you will see a snapshot date of March 1st 2022 and the day after the 1st will be replaced with the 2nd until month end which is saved.


I am trying to get my line chart to always show the month end snapshot dates regardless of filter is selected. The issue i run into is this:

A user comes into the dashboard and selects the snapshot date from the drop down of "3/1/2022" - the line chart will only show data for that snapshot date because it's being selected as a filter. I want them to be able to track month to month progress for the 5 expressions (lines) to see improvement but instead of showing lines (when a date is selected) it shows a dot representing that specific date.  If it clear all filters it looks fine in the chart, but all of the other data is being loaded so the numbers are totally off.


Any suggestions how to keep my snapshot dates on the x-axis of my line chart from changing with filters?

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This sounds like you need to look at applying "Alternate States" in your app.

To save going through the details here, try these links.