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Store Chart Object Values for Trend Analysis

I have a dataset which captures the current status of my record.

E.g. the status may be Submitted, In Progress or Closed.

When I load my data I SUM the current values of each record and pivot them across a Team Dimension. E.g.

Team A

- Submitted = 10

- In Progress = 30

- Closed = 40

Team B

- Submitted = 4

- In Progress = 20

- Closed = 100

What I would like to do is that prior to reloading new data I would like to store the previous values in a QVD. This will then allow me to create a Trend Analysis report showing how the status has changed over time.

Ideally I would like to be able to reference my Pivot Table object and store the values. Is this possible? If not is the only alternative to create this Pivot and Sum functionality in the Load script?

Any help is appreciated.

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