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Store expression into excel sheet and re-use expressions in many charts using variables

Dear all,

I have excel sheet containing expressions and there name this formula I want to store into variable and after reload want to use in expression. One formula is used many times so I want to re-use the same again and agian.


GSALSUM({$<FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>} [Gross Sales Amount])/10000000



Hope this resolve your issue.
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Master II

Vikas, Try checking the below

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Partner - Champion III

Yes there are many examples on the Community showing how to do it ... try searching. Basically you just read them in as a regular table

And then you have a FOR NEXT loop through all rows of the table where you do a Peek and $-expansion to create variables.

You could actually just refer the table in itself and the row explicitly having the table as a Data Island and then do a lookup in your expressions directly without storing every expression in a separate variable.

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Master II



I think it's even explained in the HELP or manual. But here you go with the forum:

Variables (with SA) declaration from excel file