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Contributor II
Contributor II

Sub Total with different aggregation in Pivot


is it possbile to build an expression which has a different aggregation in the Sub total then in the pivot?

i.e: i want an  expression like

Hanlding Time : sum(caseshandled)*sum(fixed time) in the pivot. (cases would be the only dimension)

There are many different cases and every one has a fixed time as processing time ( fixed time value changes, dependent  on user filter selection (date/country/worker etc)

As subtotal i want (sum(caseshandled)*sum(fixed time)) / sum(total(caseshandled)). ( total should actually represent all cases handled with are within the filtered selection by the user, represented in the pivot table) By that i would get a weighted Fixed time for all processed cases dependent on the user seletctions, and still the right handling time for the user filter selection in the pivot itself.

is this possible, or do i need a seperate pivot/expression?



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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi @Murlimes, one option, with the information that you give, is that you can use, 'set analysis' and 'TOTAL' with an argument like this,  SUM({<FieldForDim=>}  TOTAL <FieldForDim> caseshandled), to do something like you said.

Check this: