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Sum orders delay


in my qlik app I'm trying to calculate the orders delay.

I've many types of order... some of these stays open until they're completely processed and they often are linked to many shipments.

So i made my data model by loading the shipments file with the required delivery date by the client and then i concatenated the residual orders file. When an order isn't processed I assume Ship Date=today().


Is there a way to sum the order delay when i collapse the pivot (in this case 7+4+1=12)?.

When the real "ship date" is lower then "ship no delay date" I consider a negative delay.

i try this but it doesn't work:

interval(sum([Ship Date]-if([Order Date]>=[Ship no Delay Date], [Order Date], [Ship no Delay Date])))


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Is this expression working without collapsing? If it is, then may be you just need to aggregate function around to get it to work.

Interval(Sum(Aggr(Sum([Ship Date]-If([Order Date] >= [Ship no Delay Date], [Order Date], [Ship no Delay Date])), <YourChartDimensionsHere>)))

Make sure to replace this -> <YourChartDimensionsHere> with your the dimensions you are using in the chart separated by commas