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Creator II
Creator II

Sum when ID is distinct

Hello guys,

I'm using the following expression ir order to count how many different aircraft are flying at the same time:

count({<DASI ={'$(vData3)'},NCIA={'GLO'},ONGR={'0'}>} DISTINCT KEYI)

- DASI is a Date Field (DD/MM/YY)
- NCIA is the airline
- ONGR is 0 or 1
- KEYI is a distinct ID for each aircraft

And my Dimension is Time (HH:MM):

Now, I would like to sum the available number of seats per time, using Time as dimension, but showint the sum of Seats per airline...
How can I do that?


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Champion III
Champion III

try this


sum(aggr(count({<DASI ={'$(vData3)'},NCIA={'GLO'},ONGR={'0'}>} DISTINCT KEYI),KeYI))