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Suppress null or zero values in Combo chart in Qlikview.

In Combo Chart, in properties i have clicked checked box for Suppress when value is null in dimension and in presentation i have clicked checked box for suppress zero value . But in chart i m still getting Dimension data for which expression has null data or zero values. Is there any other way to suppress zero or null values.

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How many expressions you are using in the COMBO chart?? I mean, if one of the expression is not returning zero or null, it won't be supressed. Can you please check that.


The suppression is an all-or-nothing kind of thing. I think that the dimension value will get suppressed only if all dimension combination containing that value have expressions that evaluate to null or zero. If any dimension combination containing that value have an expression that is not null or zero, then the value will not be suppressed.

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Can you show images atleast

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