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Table with fixed entries on dimension


can you please tell me, how to customize a table diagram?

I have this table which Shows now the Information of book_id = HGB or STB.

But if I choose one book_id the other disappears. But this should not happen.

no matter how the selection is all book_id should be there.

Does anyone have an idea?

I dont know how to set dimensions to fixed value.

Thanks in advance.


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There are several ways. You can try adding a new alternate state to your document on the General tab of the Document Properties window and then assign that new alternate state to your chart on the General tab of the charts properties window. Or you can change all the expressions in your chart to make them disregard the selection in that book_id field. For example sum(Amount) would become sum({<book_id=>}Amount). To ignore selections in all fields you'd use {1}.

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Hi Gysbert,

the thing is, that I dont have any formulars in this table.

All entries are dimension data, because it is a master-data-table.

I don t have any Formulars in it.

For every asset_id (not shown in the table yet) I need to see the table with all book_id.

The Information beginning from line 2 can be different for every book_id, therefore I Need to see all book_id's no matter which selection is made.

Could you please help me?



It looks like a straight table to me. So everything that's not a dimension is an expression.

You can use alternate states like I said.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand