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Text Garbage after load QVD

Hello, I don't know if this happened to anyone before but today, after I reloaded an application I got many garbage texts on the catalogs of the application, I have read this occurs when the file includes a qvs file, but this was not the case. I have a previous QVW that generates the main QVD for the application to load and I checked it and everything was ok with the text, only the main report had the garbage. Mostly of the garbage were symbols but also information of other catalogs with few letters missing.

I reloaded few times but still got the same result. So i re-run the previous process and reloaded the application and everything worked again.

Any idea why this would happen??


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Did you try closing QlikView (check for the process to disappear in the task manager) and restart it?

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No, I didn't because the file was first loaded by the Distribution Service. The other reloads I did them from the desktop.