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Text Object Watermark Logo background


Iam very new to this Qlikview tool.Can someone explain me in knowing how to set a watermark logo as background.  to a specified area using Text Object.

Would be thankful if people could express it in steps/procedural wise.

I had tried going to Newsheetobject-->TextObject-->selected radio button Image and selected the logo -->Ok

Then i could not adjust its X,Y dimensions

Please help me....

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New Sheet Object > Text Object > Background > (Select radio button for Image) [Change]

Select the image you want to use (i.e. bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif)

Use Transparency and Image Stretch get desired result.  I prefer to use Fill with Aspect.

You should be able to change the image size unless you have the Layout > Options > Allow Move/Size unchecked or Sheet Properties > Security unchecked for Move/Size Sheet Objects.

Specialist III
Specialist III

See attached;.

text object --> image-->import image--> set transparency as 100%

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Thanks @Larry Aaron, Made it Possible!!! Its really helpful.