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Too much data is shown


We have a massive QlikView application.
Once I have chosen the Main Date, it returns too much data:image.pngIt should return information where Main Date=Tbl1 Date
But somehow from Main Date it chooses all the available information in the Tbl1 and Tbl2 

I tried putting this formula in MultiBox Expression =if([Main Date] = [Tbl1 Date], [Color in Tbl2]), but it just crashed the whole application and didn't load anything. The multibox had a big gray "X" over it.

This could be due to the fact that the application consist of many tables and the path to Main Date is long:image.png

In the photo there is just the path it takes from one date to the other one, keep in mind that the link with each of the table could range between 1-8. Basically the "All tables connected" is the Main table where all the Keys.

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