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Contributor III
Contributor III

Traffic Light Gauge Segments Set Up

Hi there,

I want to set up my Traffic Light Gauge Segments as below. But i can't. Could you please help me, what can i write in Segments Lower Bounds.

Under %-2,5 : Red

Between %-2,5 - %+2,5 : Yellow

Grather %+2,5 : Green

Thank you


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Creator II
Creator II

Do you want your guage to have the total range from -100 % to 100% ? The guage image shows 0% to 25% but the min and max values in your gauge settings show -1 and 1 respectively. With that in mind, you can make the Segment 1 lower bound = -1 , Segment 2 lower bound = -0.25 and Segment 3 lower bound = 0.25. (See attached image)