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Transformation of cumulutad quarters in seperated quarters


I am very new to QlikView and have a problem where I havn't found already existing solutions in the community..

I have 4 tables with exactly same structure:

The Material Number is unique like a primary key.

Material NumberCosts totalcosts labourcosts material

The first table one has information for Q1,

the 2nd table has information for Q2 + Q1,

the 3rd table has information for Q3 + Q2 + Q1,

the 4th table has information for Q4 + Q3 + Q2 + Q1

I need information for each quarter separately.

For example for getting the information for Q3 I need to do Q3-Q2 based on each Material Number.

The count of Material Numbers is also getting higher from quarter to quarter.

The information of the quarter is only mentioned in the title of the excel file: Q1_Material.qvd, Q1_Q2_Material.qvd, etc.

How can I do this in the script for all the quarters of a year?

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


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Do you have some sample data you can share to play around with?

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I think it's already solved: Differenz von Tabellen mit gleicher Struktur.

- Marcus