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Trigger Email alert in Outlook using actions

Hi ,

I am a beginner with Qlikview and I am working on an Open URL action to trigger an email alert to our unit Managers depending on my filter settings in Qlikview.  The code below works however the Email Body format is not diplayed as I wrote it in the code. It displays it in one big paragraph. Can some one help me understand how to code it as a presentable email?

Please see code Below


subject='&'Agents not generating records'
You are receiving this email because ' & (
vCountZeroComparison) & ' of your agent(s) has not generated any records the last couple of weeks. This issue can impact the agent(s) ability to get surveyed. Please see the agents impacted below:
' &
concat(aggr(if(count({$<[WeekStart_FileDate]={">=$(vMax_Week_Filedate_Minus_7_Days)<=$(vMax_Week_Filedate)"}>}Sample_ID)=0,(Agent_SOEID), null()),Agent_SOEID),' | ')&'
There are many reasons why this could be impacting your agent(s). Please see our common list of issues with details on how you can resolved them.
Common reasons why agents are not generating survey records:
* Agents were out of the office for a long period of time (LOA,)
* Agents are servicing clients outside of their scope.
* Roster Changes **New department Codes, New Teams Codes, Agent Transfers, Manager Updates
 Please review your agent roster below and verify that all of your agents are properly aligned to you. Any changes will require an MECN to WFM in order to update your roster.
 Agent Department: ' &
 Agent Team: ' &
' &
concat(aggr(if(count(Agent_SOEID) >=(1), Agent_SOEID, null()),Agent_SOEID),' | ')&'
Please reach out if you have questions.

Thank You,
John Doe
(123) 456-7890
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