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Trouble with SAP connection

Hi everybody!

I got a problem with SAP connection. I am using this connector:


And I want to get the fields of CGPL_TEXT of PPM module.

Duda CGPL_TEXT.png

But my problem is that the values of the GUID field in the CGPL_TEXT table have 24 chars and in SAP with 32 chars.

So, I can't get the real value.

I had read some Posts with this issue and I found that in the SAP connector some people add this parameter: ConvRoutine=1

But when I try this, I obtain this values in the GUID field:

Duda CGPL_TEXT_1.png

The values of GUID field are completely changed. So, I need to get the values with 32 chars without changes. Another curious thing is that in other tables, i.e. RPM/BUCKET_D, I get the GUID field with 32 chars corresponding and I am using the same connector.


I need to get the GUID field with 32 chars to match it with others GUID of the others tables.

Thanks in advance!


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