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Unable to Export & Import Data from Chart into CSV from AccessPoint

Hi All,

I have a question for exporting chart data (Pivot Table) and importing the data again to produce a summary from that chart.

The problem is, I use button to Run the Macro and I've already tested it on my Qlikview Desktop and the file is generated. But when I access the document from the web and clicked the button. The button works but no file was generated.

Can anyone help me with this?


This is the macro that I used:

sub ExportTable
output_dir="\\BI-03\E$\Qlik_View\PROD\EXPORT\Sales\20 20\"
Filename="40 20.txt"
set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("POPA")
obj.Export (output_dir & Filename) , "|"

end sub


I've already done this as well:

In the Edit Module section this macro is in, I set the following fileds;
Requested Module Security: System Access
Current Local Security: Allow System Access

I then setup security Settings on the Qlikview Management Server.
[System] tab->[Setup] subtab->Select Server from the list.
[Security] tab on the server.
[Tick] Allow macro execution on server 
[Tick] Allow unsafe macro execution on server
Clicked [Apply]



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In access point, the macro runs i=under the credentials of the QV service account. This means that the service account needs access to whatever resources the macro uses and it needs the AD rights to execute batch files (ie not restricted in AD to services only).

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Thank you  Jontydkpi for the answer.

Can you provide me the example (Screenshot) to how to do this?

We are using Custom Directory and not Active Directory(AD) on QlikView.

Is there a solution for this? I don't know how to give permission to the Custom Directory .

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

I am not sure this is a permission issue, I think the macro is likely using the incorrect API for export in this case, you need to be sure the API is changed to the ServerSideExportEx, believe that may do the trick for you.


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