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Unlinking Objects Not Working

I copied an object and pasted it on a sheet.
Then I noticed that the copied object was liked to the original object.
Then I did the right-click -> Linked Objects -> Unlink this Object.

However, no matter how many times I do it, it is not reacting and the objects stay liked.
I also tried saving the whole document and opening it again. This also does not solve the problem.

Any advice?

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Can you post a document that demonstrates this problem?

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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No I can't.
Too many condidential information.


Reduce and scramble the data: Preparing examples for Upload - Reduction and Data Scrambling.

Or contact Qlikview Support: www.qlik.com/us/services/support/product-support.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Here is apart of the dashboard


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The problem was that the objects were in a container.

When I remove them from the container and then unlink them, it's working.

However, when I try to remove a chart, it is not functioning (where the red arrow shows).
I only get the selection mark when I hover over it.


How can I remove chart from the container?