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Url link not working

I have a application in Access point which has 2 text object with the same action to open another dashboard through url. somehow one works and another dos not , it says fail to connect . . it weird the lank is same. 

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  1. process of creating a URL action for txt object  :Choose Text Box Object>>Action Tab>> Add >> External >> Open URL
  2. had you checked in your local machine?had you reached your wishing dashboard without any errors?
  3. The other qlikview file also need to be present in the qmc so that these 2 are in same network

else check like this

TextBox> Action > Add > Action Type "External" > Action "Launch" > OK > Application path "Browse" > Apply > OK

Creator II
Creator II


The two text box reach two same reports or not?

May be your second report is not available in your access point.