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Using DocumentPath() with $(Include=

Hello Folks

I am trying to make use of QVS files but I'm struggling with making sure the location is correct in my various environments.

In development: these are located at \QLIKVIEW\QVS and so the following command works fine:


In my staging environment the files are located at D:\Qlikview\QVS but the refresh is launched from machine A when the QVS files are on machine B, so the above include command will not work.

I have been thinking therefore that using the DocumentPath() function would help me, but what I cant seem to do is to format a variable that can be used in the include command, for example:

LET fn1=DocumentPath();

LET fn2='\qlikview\qvs\standardvariables.qvs';

LET fn3=fn1+fn2;


The above doesn't work, any ideas if what I'm trying to do is possible, and if not, do you have any other suggestions as to how I could control the inclusion of QVS files from variable locations according to environment.


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A couple quick points:

1. DocumentPath includes the the filename of the qvw; you probably want to strip off the filename

2. The concatenation character is '&' not '+'; qlikview will convert the strings to numbers if you use '+' which results in null

As for using a dollar expansion in an include, this works in 9.0 SR2 and later; earlier version did not seem to work. Try using the latest version if you're using something earlier than 9.0 SR 2.