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Creator III
Creator III

Using MonthName function in a set expression is not working as expected

Hi Guys,

I have to get average of records for last 3 months. I was using below logic to get it but am not getting correct result.

=Avg({<MonthYear ={$(=MonthName(Addmonths(today(),-1))),$(=MonthName(Addmonths(today(),-2))),$(=MonthName(Addmonths(today(),-3)))}>}Field)

where the expression =MonthName(Addmonths(today(),-1)) will give you Dec 2018 and MonthYear field is MonthName(Date)

I think it's because of the $ expansion there might be something going wrong but i am not sure. 

Although when I use the following expression, i get the correct result.

=Avg({<MonthYear = {"=MonthYear =MonthName(Addmonths(today(),-2))","=MonthYear =MonthName(Addmonths(today(),-3))","=MonthYear =MonthName(Addmonths(today(),-4))"}>}Field)

I know i could have just used the second expression but I am curious why the first one did not work or is there any better solution to this problem than second expression.

Any input would be appreciated.




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You need to use quotes as well.