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Using Security Access

Hello Community.

I am trying to use the Security Access functionality with QVW to restrict a user from viewing certain sheets. But I am not sure how to use the Set Access and Application portions.

I want the file to have the following User Names and Passwords:


Password: ADMIN1

User: USER1

Password: USER123

I want User1 to only be able to view 'The Third Sheet' tab. And also, can User1 only view A through H in the Alpha filter?

Please see attached and all the help you can provide will be truly appreciated.

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I was able to figure out how to set up the Section Access. However, I have an array of text objects with actions that trigger sheets to be viewed from the welcome page. The triggers are variables using the sheet conditionally show field. So if I want to utilize Section Access how would I apply the rule in the conditionally show?


Currently, I have the following variable: vShowSheet=1

And I want to add the Section Access and will need to somehow incorporate the Sheet Name into this field. Using 'OR' and 'AND' doe snot work, as it blocks the triggers on the Welcome screen:


Conditionally Show: =vShowSheet=1 AND Sheet3

Any help will be great.