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Contributor III
Contributor III

Using a Variable in place of a Dimension in Set Analysis with Alternate States

I am comparing the costs of upkeep for 2 assets.

In the alternate states [Compare 1] and [Compare 2] I select which 2 assets.

I have a chart each associated with the alternate states.

In my expression I have.

sum({[Compare 2] <AA = [Compare 1]::AA , MAT_ItemNum = {"9*"}>} Mat_Cost)

AA is a "transaction" dimension that holds values such as "material", "Labour"...

This expression work fine.

When I replace the "AA" with a variable the expression throws an error from [Compare 1]....

sum({[Compare 2] <$(vWhichFilter) = [Compare 1]::$(vWhichFilter), MAT_ItemNum = {"9*"}>} Mat_Cost)


Can someone help me with the syntax of this or is this approach simply not possible/wrong?

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