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Contributor III
Contributor III

Using a top 5 result to dictate which dimensions to show at a more detailed dimension level

I might have to build a flag in my script to pull this off, but I will post this anyway and see if anyone has ideas on how to pull this off in the UI only. (color coding below is just to help you follow the data)

I want to use the following rolled up result as my "driver" going forward.  For a 12 month span in total, this is the total % by plan in desc order with a top 5 plus Others shown.

01 driver table.PNG

This would be an example of what 2 of my 12 months of monthly detail would actually look like if I include Month and Year, so in essence this is part of the source or raw data that went into the rolled up version above.

02 true data with dating.PNG

What I would like to end up with is the following.  I want to end up with a chart that uses the top 5 for ALL 12 months as the driver to dictate what plans to show by month and year, like this below.  And ideally I would like to show the driver table next to the month/year sets but that might have to be done in a separate chart.

03 result wanted.PNG

Thanks for reviewing the weird one.

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You may try something like this:

concat(aggr(if(Rank(YourExpression)<=5; Plan), Dim1, Dim2), ',')

whereby Dim1 and Dim2 are placeholder for the needed dimensionality. It might be done within a variable which result is then used as set analysis condition within the second chart.