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Using data points (from functions of one chart) in another chart

I have a line chart with one line showing actual sales, then added a couple more lines using functions to display moving averages. These values created by the moving averages aren't stored anywhere in my data, but can I create a new chart that can use those newly created data points? My end goal is to take the moving averages, and for each, calculate error statistics such as MSE, MAD, etc...

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Like you said these results aren't stored anywhere else they will be just calculated on the fly within the context of your object. This meant you couldn't use the results from one object within another. Therefore you need to include everything (to eachother depending calculations) within a single chart.

In some cases it could be an additional option to use several charts and to position them over eachother with appropriate layout-adjustments - not sure if it will be applicable and sensible in your case.

- Marcus