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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Using set analysis where field = a different field

Hi all,

I currently have an expression in a chart that performs a sum for a selected KPI number. 


A user selects KPI 77, the chart then evaluates the expression relating to KPI 77. 

When the KPI is selected, all of the attributes of that KPI are also  displayed, what i am trying to achieve is if the user selects an attribute of KPI 77, i want another chart to display that shows the calculation of the attribute. 

So if the attribute KPI number is 21, then i want to expression to use 21 instead of 77. At the moment the chart looks at the field relating to the KPI number not the attribute KPI number.

The attributes are in a different table in the data structure. 

The expression is 


The calculation field is all scripted. 

So what i want to do is to use set analysis in the expression to say something like $(=only({<KPI_ID=Attribute_ID>}Calculation))


Can anyone help please? 

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You could link the two tables using Attribute_ID as field in the same table as KPI Number.
Load ..
Subfield(KPI_Number, ' ', 2) as Attribute_ID,
This extracts the Number component from the KPI to put into the Attribute_ID field which should join the tables.

Former Employee
Former Employee

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