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V11 upgrade problem, can't compare V10 documents on the same pc as V11


I am currently testing V11 documents from our V11 test server. To do this I am
running the V10 and V11 document at the same time.

Our V10 documents are on our V10 server. The documents are running through the IE plugin, on my local desktop.

Despite the V10 and V11 documents being run through different connections there are some actions when performed on one document that make changes to the other.


Both documents are open, I change the date on one document through the calendar object
on V11 and it changes the date on the V10 document instead. No date
filters/changes are made to the V11 document.

When I change the date on V10, this has no effect on the V11 document and the V10
document behaves as expected.

I closed and reopened the document and found that the document that the document that
was open opened last regardless of whether it is V10 or V11 is the one that is
affected by the date changes. The first document that was opened I can not
change the date on it at all, all date selections get applied to the other

Scenario 2

When I select the current selections on the tool bar in document 1 it shows that it
has been selected in document 2 too. The current selections are as I would
expect for document 1.

Making selections in document 2 do not affect the selections shown in document 2.

It appears as if I can’t display the dialog for current selections for document 1
and document 2 at the same time.

I have tested having two occurrences of the same document from the same server open at
the same time and the behaviour is identical. So the problem appears to be with
having similar documents as appose to a V10 and a V11 document.

Ideally I would like to test our v11 documents on the same machine has anyone come across
a work around that does not involve getting a separate machine to run the V11 document?

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