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Creator II
Creator II

Visual cues based on an expression

Dear Qlikview user

I have a pivot table, which contains a drill down group as a dimension.   Due to the structure of my dataset I am unable to set the visual cues with the Background Color of the expression

My dimension is splitting data by Department and each department has a different target, so I was wondering whether the visual cues section can cope with various targets?


If(Department = 'A', 0.93,

If(Department = 'B, 0.86,

If(Department = 'C', 0.85)))

I have tried putting this type of expression in, but it doesn't seem to work....I just need to know whether visual cues has any limitations with regards to working with numerous targets?

Kind Regards


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Creator III
Creator III


It will work but I think you need to Select the Particular department for the same ..try selecting A and check ..

other way is to handle this in the expression tab >click on + > Text color