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Want a condition to find the sum of a field with group and check it with a condition and then sum it

Dear All

I am new to Qlikview. I connect Qlikview with our Oracle database and develop some basic reports. Now in a report i fetch a table with fields


Along with this table lot other tables used to list the balance sheet of the company. I use chart Pivot table to list the result. I add the fields Brow in the Pivot table and in the expression SUM(IF(COND='NO',IF( BALDATE <= ToDate,  BALAMOUNT, 0 ),0)) Where Todate is a

Slider/Calender field. The expression is ok for NO condition.

Now the problem is......

For Yes condition. I want to sum the BALAMOUNT with the group by of BROW,MASTERID,BRANCHMASTID and filter the result with the value greater than zero. then sum the result with BROW. I try Aggr but cant know how to do it.

Thanks in Advance for your replies.

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Can you share a sample app


or if you have the dimension in pivot table as BROW,MASTERID,BRANCHMASTID

Then only this will do