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Contributor III
Contributor III

Warehouse Efficiency - Linked Parts

Dear All

I have a two part question really - Can & How.

I have a table of all customer orders in a given timeframe (Orders) which contains the order number, the part number and the qty sold (ORD, Part1, Qty)

The aim is to identify which parts are commonly sold together so that we can put them together in the warehouse to make the picking more effiecient.

We could just put all the popular parts together but this would not identify which parts are regularly picked together as some parts are often sold individually (KND0138).

1st Question:

Can Qlikview help me to identify which parts were sold together and how often?

2nd Question:

How do I get Qlikview to display parts that are sold together and how often?

I have written something simple in Excel that has already identified that MIS1683 was sold 57 times and 11 of those times it was sold with 10 other parts (MIS1993, BBD3030, BBD5142, BBD5932, MIS1249C, BBD0221, BBD1333, BBD0666, MIS8015 & BBD2805) but to get this far was very manually constructed and I want Qlikview to do the number crunching for me.

Any ideas?

I look forward to hearing the cogs turning!


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