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Warning in QMC

Hi All,

I m getting a warning in QMC reload and distribute task. Can anyone help me what it is all about?

Below is the log :

(2018-01-31 10:37:53) Information: QVS Distribution completed with success.

(2018-01-31 10:37:53) Information: Distribution finished successfully.

(2018-01-31 10:37:53) Information: Deleting temporary files.

(2018-01-31 10:37:56) Information: Closing the document.

(2018-01-31 10:38:01) Information: Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=166212

(2018-01-31 10:38:01) Information: Document distribution done.

(2018-01-31 10:38:01) Warning: Could not create file. Filename=DistributionReport

(2018-01-31 10:38:01) Information: Task Execute Duration=00:32:36.2962804

(2018-01-31 10:38:01) Information: The task "XXXXXXXXXX" finished successfully

(2018-01-31 10:38:01) Information: TaskResult.status=Finished

(2018-01-31 10:38:01) Information: Notifying all triggers of new state:FinishedWithWarnings

(2018-01-31 10:38:01) Information: Notifying all triggers of new state:FinishedWithWarnings - completed

(2018-01-31 10:38:01) Information: Saving Task Result


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

During distribution, the QDS tries to create a log file in xml format called "DistributionReport.xml" in the same QDS log folder as the TaskLog.txt and (optional) DocumentLog.txt files. This may have failed for the task run in your snippet. But since this is not a critical problem (and document distribution was successful anyway), it gets classified as a Warning.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply.

Is there anything i need to do with this warning?

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Well, if the task with the warning has dependent tasks and they all trigger just fine, you can ignore the warning. It is a known problem in QlikView and Qlik is "considering a redesign of the functionality".

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

I have a similar issue and it is getting annoying as other warnings such as a node failure at distribution is important and worth review. I don't want to start ignoring warnings because they have no meaning.

Is there a way to change the behavior? Has any additional thought been given to correcting this behavior?

I have not seen this behavior until upgrading to QV12.2 SR2