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Contributor III
Contributor III

What If Analysis

I have a chart that has data similar to that displayed below

Sample Data Set.JPG

I would Like to be able to do quick what if charts for scenario planning like to show what it would look like if I moved the 50 units of product B from plant 3 to plant 2.  I would like to be able to this in Qlikview and not have to keep changing the input data.  Is this possible in Qlikview or would I need to manipulate data prior to uplaod?

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Hi Gilbert,


Very good question. Yes - this is possible in QlikView.

You can use a 'Slider' object to link to a variable.

You can put the variable in the Expression and do the what-if by moving this slider.


In your case, probably 3 sliders (+ 3 variables) to check the effect of change to each unit.

Each measure should look like:

Sum({<Product={'A'}>} Quantity) + $(ASliderVariable) - $(BSliderVariable)/2 - $(CSliderVariable)/2

Sum({<Product={'B'}>} Quantity) - $(ASliderVariable)/2 + $(BSliderVariable) - $(CSliderVariable)/2

Sum({<Product={'C'}>} Quantity) - $(ASliderVariable)/2 - $(BSliderVariable)/2 + $(CSliderVariable)


let me know if this helps!


Kind regards,


Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks so much.  The picture was a sample.  In reality we have a number of products, too many to have a slider for each.  Is it possible to use a list box to select the variable impacted by the slider? Also we have multiple plants that we can move products to and from can those be selected via list box as well?