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What are the different ways to reduce the size of QlikView Application?


I'm working on the development of a Sales Dashboard who's size after loading the QVDs is nearly 2GB. For testing, I tried to load less amount data (4 Months data) in order to reduce the size of this app and it worked. But, in the final application, atleast one year's data is required and the application collapses every time I load one year data in it. Please enlighten me about different ways to reduce the size of the application without compromising on the amount of data to be loaded in the application.

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Master III
Master III

The magic word probably is data modeling.

Are you loading fields you actually do not need? Remove those.

Are you using timestamps and only need the data component of those? Floor them so they are less unique values.

Do you need date and time? Split them into a date field and a time field and it can save loads lots.

Are you using a snow flake structure? Change it into a star diagram.

I am sure there are more options, but that might require more knowledge about your data.

Or just get more RAM.

May you live in interesting times!