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What does "Anonymous Authentication" on IIS for QvAjaxZfc really mean?

I have a small question regarding to enabling this.What are the security risks?

The reason why I am asking is because I am currently trying to make the Qlikview for iPhone application iOS connect to my access point.

1. When this option is disabled, I get "Error Contacting Server".

2. When I enable the "Anonymous Authentication" option, I am able to sign into my access points fine.

Looking around the forums (and getting help) I noticed that this is one of the options you must have enabled for this to work.

(There are no firewalls/ports blocking this as I have already check with my network team).

I have found these technical terms below: I am wondering how it gets applied ot my case.
Anonymous Authentication <anonymousAuthentication> : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

I am running qlikview version 12.00.20001 / Windows Server 2008 R2 /
iOS version qlikview app (not sure if its an iOS problem)2.4.2

(I have attached what I am talking about below "aja.png")

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Anonymous Authentication facilitates application to be used in web.

For this you need to have session Cal.Still you want it to be secure for users you can add in url userid=<USERID>

Say if you using ajax then its fine to say Anonymous=true

For more info plss refer this,its discussed in detail abt implementation and issues and fixes: Re: qvs11,How to anonymous?


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Thank you for replying to me Sachin.

"For this you need to have session Cal.Still you want it to be secure for users you can add in url userid=<USERID>"

I see that I am not using session CALS for this- would not applying this make it unsecure?
Where would I add in url userid=<USERID> ?

"Say if you using ajax then its fine to say Anonymous=true"

I am using ajax- thank you. I was wondering if setting this to anonymous brings any security concerns (example: chances of getting hacked). What kind of information does qlikview ajax hold? (even though you say setting this to true is good news..which means I am close to fixing my situation)

Below seems to be the official set up to get my access point connected to the ios iphone app (doesnt mention what you linked me - but i thank you for it).

I just want to know what the qlikview ajax means (if this helps)