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What is the use of Master Calendar ? give me an example

Hi All

I am new to Qlikview

What is the use of Master Calendar give me an example 

please help.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Master Calendar , has its own need based on the data and the requirements in hand, few examples are:

1. You need to create the missing date for instance , if you are dealing with Sales data and a product has no sales on a particular date then that date will not have an entry in the table,  so now in case you want to display on which dates there were no sales of this product , you cannot do so without generating the missing dates using a Master Calendar

2. Supposedly you want dates starting from the first order that got placed til the last order that got delivered both of which are from different tables, Master Calendar comes handy

3. In case you need to create a Fiscal Calendar

So the use cases of a Master Calendar depends on your need


Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Please see the following Design Blog post, should explain everything quite well:


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Here is the base Design Blog link which I think I have provided previously, please be sure to search there as there are over 700 posts in that area and most are how-to related, so should be very informative for you.



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