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Write Extension for customizable / sharable queries

Would you recommend code sample/tutorial/relevant link for writting an extension that enables to create a template for queries in QLikView.

Example. I want to know

  • the number of new clients within the last six months

  • the global revenue in three areas over the past year

I would like to select these data in one click, save this 'selection template' and be able to share it with other users.

But the field queried will vary a lot over the time, so that I need an interface/a wizard for selecting the fields in a user-friendly manner. Then save this 'request template'.

The tool should be a web application, that can be installed on top of QLikView or used with the QLikView server.

I thought of extension objects. Is this notion appropriate ? What comes to your mind ? what are the relevant related notions ? what are good references ?

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Champion III
Champion III


I would suggest to use bookmarks here instead of any Extensions



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Goal is to have a web app for quick data queries / quick charting.

For instance, sales people want a pie chart with all sales within the last month for AMEA.

The wizard could propose to add filters, each filter is on one field, and proposes logical operations 'equals', 'more than', 'less than', 'is true'...

so that the user can for instance enter the filters

Field    |      Logical operation    |     Value

Date    |      More than              |     15-Feb-2014
Region |      Equals                  |      ASA

Then, he can save the criteria and share them. He can reuse them to produce a chart, a table...

I have the impression this can be achieved into an extension object, with this field selection wizard.

Could you help on this, with a web application solution?