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Yammer API

I know that Qlikview has enabled Salesforce Chatter into their application, but has anyone seen success using the social networking tool Yammer?

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I haven't seen anything that was production ready yet.

I have played around a bit with their rest and javascript API.
There is some really intresting stuff that you could use however they are very strict when it comes to limits on their rest api which sort of made it a mess for qlikview.

Building a extension that allows you post public/private posts to yammer should be fairly straight forward.
You don't even need a server side component to handle authentication.

If you have in-house web developers it should be a breeze

Former Employee
Former Employee

Hi Alexander

I have a client interested in pulling Yammer data down into QlikView. From your post above I gather that you did manage to extract some data over their API, but the problem was with downloading large amounts of data. Is that correct?

They now have a download function in their admin tools that can be used to download a bulk amount of data and can then be scheduled as well. It creates CSV files. I am interested to see how the unstructured Yammer data actually looks in a CSV format!!!

I get the impression from the documentation that only administrators have access to that utility. I asked their help line for clarification and hope to get something overnight.