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Contributor II


Hi All,

I have created a bookmark with default selection affecting a text box and then used Properties(sheet properties) -> Triggers -> On Action(s)... _> Add _> Apply Bookmark and wrote the ID of my new bookmark.

To sum up, my aim is to always have a particular selection in my text box when I open the app. It works fine for me, but not for user. Used can select the bookmark (and then it works) but the bookmark is not triggered for the user by itself (which is wrong).

I'd like to ask you if you know what can be the reason this situation and what I can do to make this bookmark be triggered for the user?

I checked in QMC and I have selected 'Allow server objects' and ' Allow anonymous server bookmark'.

Thanks in advance!

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Is the user using AJAX or IE Plugin? If they are using AJAX depending on the version you are 'OnOpen' Action triggers are not supported in QlikView 12.50 and above. See the following link:


Have the user test to see if the OnAction Bookmark works when they open the dashboard using IE plugin.

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