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calculation condition unfulfilled when upgrading to Version 10 SR1 from version 10


We currently have a few reports that have been developed with ( version 10.00.8715.5 IR 64bit Edition (x64) ) and the calculation conditions and expressions work fine. however when opening the same report with ( version 10.00.8816.6 SR1 64bit Edition (x64) ) I get calculation condition unfulfilled on the table box which has a condition of =Count(SALES_VIN)<10000 if i change the comparison operator to << instead of < i will get data in the table box.

also the charts do not display showing the error " no data " with the following expression

=Avg({< SALES_PRICE_SCORE_W = {'>=$(vMinScore)<=$(vMaxScore)'}
SALES_MILEAGE_SCORE_W = {'>=$(vMinScore)<=$(vMaxScore)'}
SALES_SALE_AGE = {'>=$(vMinAge)<=$(vMaxAge)'} >} SALES_PRICE)

basically i want to average all sales_price where the "scores" are between the variables minScore and MaxScore.

I don't know if this is due to a depricated feature in R1 a bug in R1 or if the conditions/expressions are wrong.

all i know is the report works with version 10.00.8715.5 IR 64bit Edition (x64) and doesn't work with version 10.00.8816.6 SR1 64bit Edition (x64).

and yes there is data (lots of it)

Thanks in advance,


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