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compare two different fields in the same table

Hi everybody,

I have a doubt, i have a table with information from  all companies, in that table i have details the branches also, i need show in a pivot table the Company with your branches.

In my model i have one table with two field, field1 and field2, those fields should be equals, now i need compare field1 (in 1 row) with all the rows in the table for know the branches.

Please help me, currently i have this expression, but just it evaluate in the same row

= aggr(only({1<field1 ={"=field1=field2"} >}branches),field1)

thank you so much

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Hi Lorena,

So what you need is to compare two different columns in the same table (Field1, Field2) to determine the hierarchy between them? something like this:

1John Doe
21Jane Doe
31Paul Doe
4Tom Sawyer
54Mary Sawyer

So John Doe is Jane's and Paul's father, and Mary is Tom Sawyer's child.

Let me know if why I understood is what you meant.


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yes, that it what i need

thank you!

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Well I think these two links will help you:


Hierarchy and Hierarchy Belongs to