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count last month from every week start

hi all,

i want to count the projects whose status are "open"

but i want to count only for month back from every week start

for example 12.11.2012 is my week start so iwant to count all "open" projects until 12.10.2012

then the same process for 05.11.2012

and the same process for all weeks

thanks a lot

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This is the condition where you can select a date and based on your selection it will look from the last month and before values and it will provide the report.

If you are specific to open projects, then add the status in you set analysis as open.

Count({<Date={"<=$(=AddMonths(Date,-1))"}>} Date)



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thanks Srini

but there wont be any selection

on a  bar chart i will show every week start

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Ok, then add Max on top of the week start date and add the addmonths function.