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Allow everyone,

Im making a report about a questionnaire.

The database is filed like that:

Id , Question 1-A, question 1-B, question 1-C, question 1-D

1, A, B, C , D

2, B, A, C, D

3, D, A, C, E


400, D, A, B, A

Then i want to make a table or a grah like this:

Rows\Columns A B C D E Total

Question 1-A 30% 20% 10% 5% 35% 400

Question 1-B

Question 1-C

Question 1-D

I tryied in the dimension to Aggregate (question 1-A, Question 1-B, Question 1-C, Question 1-D)

Then i wrote in the 1st expression i count(Question 1-A ) ;

2nd expression count (question 1-b), etc.

The result isn't what i pretended because it doesnt give me all the answers that is possible.

I attacht i file to see if someone could help me.

Thanks a lot,

Eliano Marques

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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


Please find the attached file. Hope it will help you.

if not, plz let me know.


Neetu SIngh