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differance between sum(sales) & sum(Total Sales)

Hi all,

I am having doubt about Total keyword. what exactly it does?

when I use Sum(Sales) in 1st textbox and Sum(Total Sales) in 2nd textbox. Both showing same result.

even when I select any filters still shows same result. Also I found Sum(Total < Year > Sales) on internet. Its not working my side.

it will be really appreciated if any one can help me on this.

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Partner - Creator III


Sum(Sales) and Sum(Total Sales) expression is giving same output in text box.

In Chart or Straight table, Output value will be different.


Region wise Sales

           Sum(Sales)      Sum(Total Sales)

South     100                      1300

East       500                      1300

North      400                      1300

West      300                       1300

Output will be like this.

Muthukumar Pandiyan
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Partner - Champion III

TOTAL has no effect in a text box. It causes the function (Sum() in this case) to ignore the dimensions in a table or chart.

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Hi ,

I used it in chart and straight table. It shows comparison between month wise sale and total of sale. It looks correct but not required column added. Also once I click on particular month Sum(Sales) & Sum( Total Sales) becomes same.

Please suggest.


Total key world give the total on all the data set when not selected ..when you select a single it takes that particular value you could specify the dimension for total with the key word

hope this helps you

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Sorry could not get it.

My query is that  once I click on particular month Sum(Sales) & Sum( Total Sales) becomes same.

It should not be.


See when you make any selection it will take that into consideration , if you dont want that to consider you need to mention the same in the below format see my 2nd example

1.Sum(Total Sales)     will ignore the dimensions (but will respect any selections you have made)

2.Sum(Total <Dim1> Sales)          will show the total Sales by Dim1, ignoring selections

Hope this helps you


I hope you will receive all respective and nice explanation. So, You may close this thread as you feel good one.

Note: Try from your end Simple data like 4 / 5 rows then look

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