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drill down in bar chart


I have a bar chart with dimension year and month.

For Year month a drill down has been created .

when we select a year it gets drilled to those months and the user can see all the months for for the selected year.

but the requirement is along with those associated month the non selected year should also be displayed.


Eg:- Suppose i have selected 2020 so it will show Bars for JAN , FEB,MAR,APR AND 2018 AND 2019.


Attached is the application for reference.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Create one more field in script with below condition and use that in your drill-down dimension.

if(Year (Date) = Year(Today()) , Month(Date) , Year(Date))  as Month_Drill


Former Employee
Former Employee

Another option would be to look at using Set Analysis to display the other years, here is a Design Blog post that should allow you to check that option out in further detail:


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