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epicor - showing total sales by prod code

Looking for someone with epicor experience.  We would like to have totals by Product Code which is assigned at the Invoice Line level.   We get sales totals from GL.  We can link from GL to Invoice Headers, but would not know which Prod Code to apply the GL amount to since there can be more than one at the Detail Level.   If you can share your approach to this issue it would be appreciated.

Also, if interested in collaboration relative to other Epicor data issue, please reply.  Thanks.

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We use Qlikview and Epicor together. Wouldn't it be easier to just take the invoice amount from the invcdtl table? I have linked invoices to the GL with some work, but I don't really imagine this being the best option to get what you are looking for.

I use this from the invcdtl

company & '-' & (invoicenum) & '-' & num(invoiceline,'#,##0')

and this from the tranglc table:

company & '-' & (key1) & '-' & num#(key2,'#,##0')

Invoice postings tend to be created as periodic posting process, and this method allowed us to show our accounting department what exactly was happening there.

The tranglc in turn links into the GLjrndtl table via

company & '-' & glaccount & '-' & date(trandate) & '-' & journalnum & '-' & journalline

I would like to help more in the future, but I am actually switching jobs this week and will no longer be using Qlikview.

Best of luck with Epicor and Qlikview